Pack Separately Checklist

Frisco Moving Company

When speaking with one of our professional movers in Frisco, we discovered that there are many questions on what items families should keep in their possession when they move. At North Dallas Moving and Storage, a leading agent of United Van Lines, our advice is it’s better to be organized and safe than sorry when transporting your personal valuables.

We recommend that these items travel with you in a carry-on bag or in a personal vehicle while your household goods are in transit. Even though the likelihood of accidental loss is low when moving long-distance or moving cross-county, items that require additional security or special access are better kept in your personal vehicle during a move.

• Address books
• Airline tickets
• Car titles
• Cash
• Cell phones
• Checkbooks
• Computer
• Photo albums
• Financial documents
• IRAs, Deeds, Tax Records
• Home Videos
• Insurance Policies
• Jewelry and Furs
• House and Car Keys
• Medical Records
• Dental Records
• New home Documents
• Prescription Medicine
• School Records
• Stocks, Bonds, CDs

We hope this list helps and please feel free to comment on any additional items you feel are important to carry in your possession.