Appliance Moving

Moving a Dishwasher

Before moving a dishwasher, you need to first clean and then prepare the appliance so it will safely withstand handling during transit or while in storage. Follow the steps below for cleaning and servicing your dishwasher:


  • Wipe off the control panel with a dampened cloth.
  • An appliance polishing wax can be lightly applied to the cabinet finish.
  • The interior normally does not need cleaning unless you see a buildup of food or soap.
  • Leave the door open for several hours to ensure that appliance is thoroughly dry.


  • Shut off the electric and water supplies.
  • Disconnect and drain the hoses. Then, wrap dry hoses with towels or packing paper and place inside the dishwasher.
  • Disconnect and drain the water inlet line and water valve.
  • Sponge any reaming water from the bottom of the dishwasher (if applicable, remove any pump cover inside the appliance and wiping dry).

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